March 31, 2023

10 Best Bath Toys For Young Kids To Play With

Isn’t it cute when the young baby plays in bathtub with their adorable toys? The answer is a huge yes, and we are here to introduce you to 10 best bath toys for little kids out there. From small ships to ducks, all of them are great floating bath toys that they will surely love. Each of them in our list comes with quality and fun that the kids will enjoy, and the price is also great as well. Feel free to take a look at 10 best bath toys review from us today and pick one or two for your kids.

1. Octopus Hoopla Bath Toy by Nuby

Here we have a very cute octopus that floats and makes a great entertain for little kids in he bath. The octopus features the design of raised-tentacles that allows the kids to toss the rings in for fun. The whole set is colorful and cute, and they all floats perfectly to make the little ones easy to recognize. It is safe and fun to play with, and it helps the babies to develop their eyes and hands coordination. With something this cute, your baby will surely love it.

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2. Float And Play Bubble Bath Toy by Munchkin

Little bubbles that float and fun to play with are one of the best choices for you to get for the kids. The set includes 4 cute bubbles with characters inside that can accompany your child during bath. There are also textured rings around the bubbles that move freely to create more fun as well. These bubbles are super safe and entertaining, and bath time will be extra fun for the babies.

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3. Fishing Bath Toy by Munchkin

Fishing in the bath is always one of the most entertaining activities that little kids love to do. This set right here includes a fishing rod along with 3 bobbing characters that you little babies can fish. The characters are colorful and adorable, and they float in the water for easy fishing. There is a magnetic bobber on each side of the fishing rod and the character that stick together when touched. The whole thing is super cool and fun to play with, and kids absolutely love them.

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4. Little Squirts Fun Bath Toys by Nuby

If a few toys are not enough, a set of sea animals here can turn your bathtub into a whole sea for the babies. Each character floats on the water surface, and they are super soft and safe to touch. The set includes cute marine animals like alligator, crab, shark, duck, fish, octopus, penguin, dolphin, starfish, and turtle. They are brightly colored, and they come in perfect size for kids to play with.

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5. Disney Baby Toy by The First Years

In case your kids are fans of Finding Nemo cartoon, this toy set is the best choice for you to choose. The awesome part is that each toy squirts water which is super exciting and fun for the kids at the same time. The size of each toy is very compact, and it fits perfectly in little kid's hands as they play. The set includes 3 famous character from the movies including Nemo, Dory, and Turtle. Fun and interesting, these toys are super awesome for you to have.

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6. Ferry Boat Bath Toy by Green Toys

Nothing floats for you kids to play with better than a large ferry like this one in the bathtub. The ferry is made from high quality plastic which is safe and durable to use for years. The kids can play with it both indoor and outdoor, and it is super easy to take care of. You can dishwash it, and the quality remains the same. The ferry also comes with 2 mini cars as well which makes it even more fun to play with. There are two colors that you can choose between blue and green.

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7. Magnet Boat Bath Toys by 3 Bees and Me

Or you can go for smaller boats like these so that your little toddlers can play with more than just one ferry. Each boat comes with numbers from 1 to 4 that helps kids with counting while having fun at the same time. The boats are safe and fun to play with, and they are super cute for little kids to have. There are 4 boats with different looks in the set, and they are super durable and entertaining for the kids.

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8. Submarine by Green Toys

Submarine is also one of the interesting toys that you can have for your little babies to play with as well. This submarine features a spinning rear propeller that your kid can spin as they play in the bathtub. It is stable and safe to play, and bathing is totally fun for the babies with this submarine. It is also easy to clean as well since it is dishwasher safe with baby soaps or shampoo. There are 2 colors available including blue and yellow.

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9. Ocean Sea Animals Pack by Funcorn Toys

In case you want to bring the whole ocean right in the bathtub for your child, you really should get this set. Each and every animal in the set is colorful and unique which attracts the kid's attention perfectly. They are all safe and fun to play with, and you can introduce your babies to sea animals during their bath easily. There are 46 animals along with 6 grass in the pack, the fun is just in the bathtub for the children to enjoy with it.

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10. Duck Bath Toy by Munchkin

Duck is always the toy to have in the bathtub for kids since it is super cute and easy to play with. Here we have an adorable duck that is made from high quality materials to ensure durability and safety. It comes with water tight feature that prevents sinking, squirting, and mildew which is totally great. The size of the duck is just perfect for those little hands to grab while it floats perfectly in the tub. This duck is highly recommended, and you really should get one for the kid.

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