March 31, 2023

10 Best Floor Lamps To Have In The Room Review In 2018

One of the best decorations to have in the room is floor lamps, they are simply great. Floor lamps are the space-saving and elegant types of lamps that are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. People usually place them at the corner of the room as part of decoration. Floor lamps come in a great variety of designs and styles that compliment many different room types. Today you will find 10 best of them in our review, the decision is yours; we select the best for you.

1. Uplight Lamp by Ikea

Looks like a lamp but taller, this uplight lamp makes a simple and classy choice to have in the room. The thing is that it can light up the whole with perfection, and it is very easy to install since it takes just a few minutes. The slender and slim design is to ensure that it saves the space, while the base keeps it stand sturdily without falling. This floor lamp is easy to use and take care of, and its height is 69 inches.

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2. Floor Lamp With Organizer by Simple Designs Home

It is not just a lamp, but the lamp with space for decoration which makes it so unique to have. It comes with 3 shelves that allow for decoration and display to make the room more interesting and cool. The light will illuminate your living space with style, and you will surely love it. This floor lamp is sturdy and durable, and quality design makes it last for years of use. There are 4 colors that you can choose from among black, gray, tan, and white.

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3. Contour LED Floor Lamp by Brightech

When it comes to style and technology, this floor lamp owns it all. It comes with the unique design that light up your room beautifully and nicely with style. All you need is a simple tap to switch powers or to change the lighting settings. At the same time, this floor lamp is also durable as well due to its heavy duty construction. It is lightweight yet sturdy, and you can easily place it anywhere in the room. It is safe and stylish, and it is ideal for any classic and modern rooms.

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4. Golden Bronze Floor Lamp by Decor Therapy

If you are looking for a vintage and traditional design floor lamp, this one definitely does the job. It comes with the design of ordinary lamp but taller and more stable which is ideal for most rooms in the house. This floor lamp features the golden bronze finish that makes it look antique and classic. There are 3 levels of light that you can switch and choose from, and the accent it gives it just awesome. Overall, this floor lamp is lightweight, sturdy, and durable which makes it one of the best choices to choose.

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5. Floor Lamp With Reading Light by Simple Designs Home

2 in 1, this floor lamp comes with another mini lamp that allows for easy and convenient reading for you at night. It is a practical floor lamp that is designed to meet the need of your basic lighting needs at night. The whole thing is very easy to assemble, and it is a simple yet stylish floor lamp to have. The lamp is stylish and cool to have, and it makes an ideal choice for bedroom, living room, office, and pretty much any rooms.

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6. Holmo Floor Lamp by Ikea

Just place it in the corner of the room, and the whole place will be lightening up at night beautifully. The interesting thing about this floor lamp is that it features the rice paper design that makes it unique yet super cool to have. The design of the lamp is also very stylish as well which makes it an ideal option to have in any room in the house. This floor lamp is not too short and not too tall, and it is just stylish for most modern and classic rooms.

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7. Twist LED Floor Lamp by Brightech

Here we have another stylish floor lamp that you might want to have in your modern design rooms. Not every floor lamp comes with such unique twist design I must tell you, and that is why this one is among the best. This cool design makes it look great in any rooms you place it in. You can also easily set the light settings at different levels that you prefer as well. This floor lamp is safe and cool to touch, and its quality is designed to last for years of use.

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8. Adjustable Reading Floor Lamp by Wallniture

With the adjustable goose neck, you can turn this floor lamp to any direction you prefer easily. It is the compact floor lamp that does not take up too much space in the room at all. The lamp is made from sturdy and solid steel materials to ensure long lasting performance for years of use. At the same time, its sleek design is added to bring both style and comfort in use as well. With that look, this floor lamp is ideal for any rooms that you place it in.

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9. LED Reading Floor Lamp by Brightech

Inspired by the design of mini desk lamp, this floor lamp is even more convenient to use at home. The awesome thing is that this floor lamp is perfect for indoor hobby enthusiasts like readers, craft makers, etc. The lamp is very easy and convenient to use, and it provides healthy and comfortable light with long lasting performance. The modern and functional design makes it one of a kind, and it comes with 5 colors that you can select.

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10. Eclipse LED Floor Lamp by Brightech

I save the best for last, and this one is the combination of style, durability, and comfort all in one. This floor lamp comes with the design of shining halos that provide bright LED lighting for any room. It delivers bright and warm light that fill the rooms with style while providing enough for you at night. The great part is that it helps saving the energy, and it makes a great compliment in the room. The look and the quality are great, you won't regret choosing this floor lamp.

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