March 31, 2023

10 Best Infant Toys For Little Babies Review

                Babies need things to keep them company when they sleep or when they alone. That is when infant toys come into use because some of them can be babies’ best friends when they are little. Infant toys come in many different designs that you can select for you little ones. From plush toys that they can hug to the regular toys that they play with, we have 10 suggested for you. Let’s take a look at these infant toys, at least a few of them will be the accompany for your babies.

1. Winkel Rattle Toy by Manhattan Toy

The awesome thing about this toy is that it is soft and fun which is totally safe for the kids to play. With the caring construction, it also allows the infants to bite without causing any allergic or problems as well. More than that, this infant toy promotes clutching as the kid tries to get hold on to it. Since it is made from BPA free material, this toy is absolutely safe and ideal for kids of any ages especially 0 to 24 months.

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2. Take Along Tunes Musical Toy by Baby Einstein

Kids love music, and this musical toy makes a perfect choice for them to discover new things outside the box. The toy includes 7 classical music tunes that the kids can change with a simple press of the button. It is fun and safe to play, and it also makes the kids become more active by listening to the tunes as well. The toy is powered by battery which you can always change and let them play for years.

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3. Oball Shaker by Oball

If your kids love finding and discovering new things, this oball shaker will make one of the best choices. It is the fun toy that creates sound that entertains and keeps the baby fun for long time. On top of that, it is also teachable as well which is totally safe for young infants to play with. The toy is flexible and colorful, and of course kids love colorful toys; so they will surely love it. This toy is easy to clean and take care of, and it is also durable for long term use as well.

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4. Wonder Wheel Activity Center by Sassy

Spinner or wheel kind of toy like this one is among the ideal toys for young kids to explore new things. The toy comes with center piece spinners that is designed to enhance visual tracking while strengthening fine motor skills. To make it easy to understand, it makes the kids more flexible when it comes to things that move. The kids can spin the toy all day long, and they still enjoy having fun with it. This spinner is fun and safe to play, and it is totally recommended.

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5. Developmental Bumpy Ball by Sassy

Here we have another fun toy by Sassy that you might want to have for your kids. The ball comes with multiple textures, and it is made from high quality materials to ensure durability and safety. The thing is that the chunky sized bumps of the ball is designed to encourage reaching, grasping, and transferring skill for the kids. At the same time, the gentle rattle sounds make the ball even more interesting and curious for the kids to play with. The toy is bright and soft, and it helps greatly with developing the vision of the kids.

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6. Ice Gel Teether Keys by Nuby

If you want to improve the teething skill of your adorable baby, this toy makes the perfect choice to choose. The tethers keys toy right here comes with multi-surface teething that makes it ideal for kids who are new to teeth. The fun part is that you can place it in the refrigerator that provides gentle cooling to baby's gums. The toy is super easy to grip and handle, and it is absolutely perfect for young hands, gums, and teeth.

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7. Freddie The Firefly by Lamaze

Here we have a very cute firefly that comes with mirror which helps baby to learn how to focus, track images, and explore the face. At the same time, it also features clacking rings that awaken auditory senses for the little ones as well. Not to mention the fun jingle sound that keeps the baby entertained while enhancing their hearing skills. The toy is super soft and safe to play with, and it also a great teether toy as well.

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8. Grab And Spin Rattle by Bright Starts

Apart from hearing and sensing, eyes are also one of the important parts that kids should develop as well. That is why we have this colorful toy that comes with attractive design to capture the kid's attention. The toy comes with oval shaped handle that has teethable textures that plays a part in helping the kid's teeth. This toy is colorful and eye-catching, and the infants will totally love playing with it.

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9. Octoplush Plush Toy by Baby Einstein

It is so obvious that plush toy is the top favorite thing that kids of all ages love to play with. This plush toy right is not only soft but also cute to play as well which makes the kids adore even more. This cutie is huggable and soft to touch, and the best part is it has voice as well. All the kids need to do is squeeze the octoplush's head to activate more classical melodies to keep the baby entertained. It makes a good companion both day and night, and your infants will definitely love it.

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10. Bendy Ball by Baby Einstein

No matter how many new toys are created, ball is still one of the most popular toys for kids to play with. Here we have a unique ball that is bendable which is fun and safe for the babies to play. Also, it is made from BPA free materials which makes it is safe to bite, handle, and grip. The size of the ball is just right for those little hands to catch, and it is super cute for those little kids to enjoy.

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