March 31, 2023

7 Best Smart Watches in 2017

When it comes to style and quality, it is always great to have the best smart watch on your wrist. Functions more than just a simple watch, smart watch can make things even easier for you. You can use it to check notifications from your phone, or even heart rate or steps instead of sport watches. The best part is smart watches are stylish and cool to wear for both men and women. Since they are this awesome, maybe you should get one and see how cool smart watch can be. Also, if you are looking for one, the list of best smart watched in 2017 is here.

1. Apple Smart Watch

Your wrist deserves to wear the best and high quality smart watch, and this is it. Apple has designed this amazing smart watch to make things easier and way convenient for you to use. The watch right here comes with advanced technology that can pair with iPhone 5 and later models. It has storage of 8GB along with 246mAh of battery life for long term use. There are 2 stylish colors that you can choose including gray aluminum and stainless steel case with black buckle.

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2. Samsung Gear S3

No watch can be cooler than this. From the surface, it looks like an ordinary watch that you see every day. However, you can switch and turn your watch into a touch screen smart watch with a simple press. With it, you can call, text, and get notifications from your phone via the watch awesomely. This smart watch is absolutely stylish, durable, and perfect to have in 2017. Since it has built-in GPS, you can also keep track of your activities and share your location as well.

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3. LG Watch Style

For Android users, this smart watch simply brings all the style to your wrist the moment you wear it. The best part is this amazing watch is compatible with both Android and iOS which is cool to have. More than this, the watch is dust resistant and water resistant which makes it even more durable. It comes with the perfect size and design which is classic and cool to wear at the same time. There are 3 choices of color that you can choose including titanium, rose gold, and silver.

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4. LG Watch Sport

When it comes to comfort, this is absolutely the right watch choice for you. The watch itself is lightweight, slim, and classic which is great for any occasion. The design of the body of the watch is from metal which is sturdy and durable to wear no matter where you go. It comes with functions that tell you about your steps, dates, time, and many more. You can also use it as the notifications receiver from your phone to check every reminder right on your wrist. 2 colors are available for you including dark blue and silver/titan.

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5. Asus ZenWatch 2

With large and clear screen, you can easily check everything with a simple glance. This smart watch from Asus right here makes the perfect choice when it comes to quality and price balance. The touchscreen is smooth, responsive, and fast which is absolutely classic. Also, it is customizable which allows you to adjust the functions in the way you like with ease. The design has a variety of colors that you can select including black, rose gold, gunmetal, and many more.

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6. Huawei Watch 2

If you love sports and style, here is the smart watch for you. This watch comes with built-in GPS and continuous heart rate that can monitor your heart rate and track your workout routines. Why need your phone to count the steps for you when you have this smart watch on your wrist? Also, you can even download and listen to music right from this watch as well. How cool is that? It has long battery life, and it has 3 stylish color options for you to choose.

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7. Moto 360

Great for both men and women, this smart watch comes with great design and quality for you to use. You can still get updates like messages, news, weather, and more notifications without looking at your phone. This watch can also track your steps, calories burned, and heart rate easily right from your wrist. It has the classic round design that looks great with any outfit and occasions that you go. There are also other colors that you can choose as well like cognac, silver, gold, and more.

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