March 31, 2023

Top 10 Phones With Best Camera in 2017: Top Smartphone Snappers

We all want nice and cool selfies, isn’t that right? You are here because you are looking for the phones with best cameras that can snap clear and high resolution images. We have just the perfect ones for you to take into decision. The reality is that price can be high, but at least you know that you are satisfied with the choice you have made. Spend once, and you don’t have to bother buying any other phones ever again. There are 10 awesome phones that bring just the selfies and photos that you always expect to have. Take a look and pick or two!

1. One Plus 5t

This awesome phone does not only come with style and great functions but also incredible cameras.  From photos to videos, the results that One Plus 5 gives will never neglect you ever. There won’t be any struggles in focusing or taking high quality photos anymore. Apart from that, the phone also features excellent battery that lasts longer compared to the others. Its RAM and storage are also large, just the best design for selfie lovers and photography lovers out there to choose.

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2. Google Pixel XL

Don’t wanna brag, but every picture and video taken by this phone is totally filled with perfection and incredibility. The unique part about this phone is that it does not only take clear and smooth photos and videos but also has unlimited online storage for them. That means you won’t have to ever delete old photos and videos to make room for the new ones ever again. The best part is it also helps keeping everything safe and secure, just exactly what you want right? Then choose this one.

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3. Samsung Galaxy S8

Why need a professional camera when this awesome smartphone can do the job perfectly? Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with high camera resolution of 8MP front and 12MP rear that takes amazing photos in any conditions. Another great part is the edge-to-edge screen that delivers full and HD view of any pictures to take. Its internal memory is 64GB, and you can take countless photos with that capacity. This phone is classic and functional, and you will surely love it.

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4. LG V30

If you take a lot of photos and videos daily, choose the phone that has large memory storage like this one. Features with 128GB of internal memory, there is more than enough space for the awesome photos that you captured. Not enough? Well, you can also add a second SD card for more room as well. Its design is to make it perfect in both holding in hand and in the pocket. It has large space, and its cameras can take flawless photos in both normal and wide angle modes. Just fantastic.

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5. OPPO A37

OPPO is like the best phone known to provide the best selfies to every user out there. Every detail and smooth face that you have always wanted will provided with perfection from this phone. Both front and back cameras of the phone is built with quality to bring just the best results. While the phone itself is lightweight and stylish to carry in hand no matter where you go. The price is affordable, and the quality is just on point. If you are a selfie lover, you will surely love this phone.

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6. Google Pixel 2

Well if you don’t prefer the previous Google Pixel, this might catch your attention. It comes with a more impressive camera that brings exactly what you want in your photos and videos. More than that, it even has long life battery that allows you to use for hours with less charging time. The phone is also water resistant, and it makes a super classic choice for both male and female to use. There are 2 colors that you can choose from among clearly white and N / A, the choice is yours.

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7. iPhone 7 Plus

The special ‘Portrait’ function in camera allows you to focus on objects with blurred background effortlessly. This phone is built to deliver users the brightest and most flawless photos and videos in any light condition. Its 7MP camera will bring 1080p HD video recording and photoshooting with great color and resolution. iPhone 7 also water and splash resistant as well as stylish. Apple has made this phone to satisfy its customers, and it does its job perfectly. You won’t regret this.

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8. Nokia 6

The 16MP rear-facing and 8MP front-facing camera along with dual-tone flash make Nokia 6 one among the best. With it, you will be able to take photos and videos from any cameras professionally and easily wherever you go. It comes with a 3GB RAM along with 32GB of internal memory that you can add up to 128GB using microSD. The phone works fast and smoothly, and it ha 4 colors that you can choose from among black, copper, blue, and silver.

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9. Huawei Mate 9

A bit large, this phone is ideal for men with big hands who don’t like using small phones to take photos. Huawei Mate 9 features 2 unique power, super long battery life and incredible cameras. That is just the perfect combination to have in a phone since you can take countless photos and videos without worrying about the battery. You can use 2 SIMs in this phone, and it has many other features that you will surely love about. 2 colors are available: moonlight silver and space gray.

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10. iPhone X

Has just been released recently, iPhone X is also one of the best phones with great camera as well. It features the 12MP wide angle and telephoto cameras along with dual optical image stabilization that brings both class and quality to your images. Since it is the latest design, it features the best and most functional features that you will enjoy using. If you are an Apple lover, you know you need to have this iPhone X. 2 colors are available, you can pick one between space gray and silver.

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